Are you stuck with the glasses for the whole life?

Do you wish to look glamorous and trendy even in the glasses?

Do you wish to learn some practical tips to make you look hot with those glasses?

You are indeed lucky to have born at this age where wearing glasses does not make you feel like a nerd instead wearing glasses with a good makeup sense makes you feel incredibly hot and classy. So next time you are up for some makeup, try using some of these practical tips to flaunt your looks. Here we have gathered these tips to save you from browsing the internet.

When you are about to start your makeup, you would be required to choose some new things to give yourself something more than just the ordinary. In case of eyeliner try picking some vibrant and fresh colors that would highlight your eyes behind the frame. The navy blue or the dark green shades of the eyeliners look amazing from behind the glasses. Try this tip and notice how you make a lasting impression.

  • Choose something different for the night party

When you are out in night time with your friends, you would like to make the impression with your eyes to match theirs, but you might not be able to decide how to do so with the frame. Try using a burgundy liner to give a smoky effect to your lid. Say no to the eye shades and smudge off the cover with the help of burgundy shade of liner. It would look amazing even if magnified behind the glasses.

  • Use eyelash curler to avoid lashes hitting the lens

A big problem that all those bespectacled ladies face is the eyelashes hitting the lens. They wonder how they could prevent it. Should we cut them out? But if so do eyelashes grow back?A simple solution to all these problems is the lash curler. All you have to do is to curl up your lashes, and you will feel a dramatic effect on them as the eye becomes more open and gives you a more awake look.

  • The famous mascara trick

Mascara is a fantastic tool for beautification for us all, and there is this cool trick about it that helps you flaunt hot looks even behind the glasses. All you have to do is to go heavy on the roots of the lashes to give them volume and make them look full. However you will go light on the tips so they won’t get trouble touching the lens.

  • Use concealer wisely

When it comes to creating a dramatic effect on your eye with the help of makeup, a concealer can help you very well. What you must do is to put thick concealer under your eyes to prevent them from looking sunken. If you have dark circles around the eyes, the glasses could look bad on them.