Are you really fascinated with Edward and Bella’s marriage scene in the movie ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 1’? Did you love the wedding décor and the concept of getting married in a dense, verdant forest area? And, have you decided that you want to arrange a ‘Twilight’ themed wedding? If your answer to these questions is a yes, then I must say that’s a really good choice of theme. But before you start planning to implement this theme, let me tell you something; just focusing on the décor won’t be enough, you need to make sure that you look as beautiful as Bella Swan. So before you pick your wedding gown, make sure you have a look at Bella aka Kristen Stewart’s wedding attire in this blockbuster movie. Oh! I completely forgot to mention that you need to think about your bridesmaids’ attires as well because obviously, they too play a vital role in your wedding.

Bridesmaids contribute a lot in adding up the “glam-quotient” of the wedding. Hence, choose stunning dresses for them which will make them look like forest fairies. Wondering, why I chose forest fairies when the whole movie is all about vampires? Well, I have a logic. Bella and her friends were humans! So, why deck them up like vampires? Instead, make them look like pert forest fairies!

Thinking from where can you get inspirations to design “forest fairy-like” dresses for your girl gang? Well, you can go through a couple of bridal/fashion magazines or else, just keep reading this blog because here, I’ve shared a few tips to customize bridesmaid dresses that’ll make your girlies look like forest fairies.

Take a look!

Choose a Color that Goes Well with the Green Surroundings

When I was a kid, I read numerous stories related to forest fairies; and that one thing I always noticed is that every forest fairy donned green dresses. But in case of choosing bridesmaid dresses, I wouldn’t suggest you purchase the ones that are green. Why? It’s because I feel that it wouldn’t look good with the backdrop which is already verdant. Hence, I would suggest you choose a contrasting color that would go well with the backdrop.

Some of the colors that will go really well with green surroundings are Purple and Red. So, I would suggest you choose either of them. And if you want, you can also create a mismatched look by asking your designer to tailor dresses having different shades belonging to either of these color families.

Additional Info: You can also search for mismatched bridesmaid dresses online and I’m sure that you’ll come across numerous online retailers who sell them.

Keep the Hemline Short and Sassy

Wondering, why am I asking you to keep the hemline short? Well, it’s because, walking in the woods might not be a cakewalk; after all, the paths will be rugged. So obviously, it’ll become really difficult for your divas to walk in floor-sweeping dresses. Therefore, it’ll be wise for you to customize short dresses for your girlies. And I’m sure that they are going to look sassy in short dresses.

Add Wings to Their Attire!

Since you want them to look like forest fairies, hence, don’t forget to give them wings! Thinking how is that possible? Well, you can definitely go to a fancy store in your city to purchase wings for them (which generally kids purchase for their “go as you like” competition). But I would say, instead of purchasing wings, do something with their attire. How about adding cape sleeves to their dresses?

Well, cape sleeves may not exactly look like a fairy’s wings. But, if you have a closer look at these “oh-so-trendy” sleeves that fall from the shoulders, you’ll certainly feel that they are a modish version of wings. So, I would definitely suggest you to choose these trendy “wing-like” sleeves over the others.

Sprinkle a lot of Sparkle to their Dresses

Last but not the least, if you want your leading ladies to look as magical as a fairy that you have seen in any fictional book or an animated movie, then how about adding a tinge of sparkle to their dresses? Trust me, the “sparkling factor” would itself make them look magical. So, ask your designer to add scintillating sequins on their dresses (preferably on the torso). Or else, ask him/her to use a fully sequined material to fabricate the dress.

Now that you have got all the essential tips from me to design bridesmaid dresses that are inspired by a forest fairy’s attire, for your Twilight themed wedding, hopefully you’ll be able to pass on these tips to your designer. And I also hope that the outcome will be brilliant.

Author bio- Jane is a fashion blogger-cum-designer who has written several blogs on bridal gowns and mismatched bridesmaid dresses. To know about the latest bridal fashion tips, follow her.