When it comes to fashioning together your wardrobe, we all have our personal preferences of styles and quantities. Many of the options you go with are to help enhance your daily look. However, there are some timeless must-have tops that every single woman should have in their wardrobe that will always make her look good. 

The first top we’re going to talk about is the tank top. This is a base necessity for many different styles that you create. Tank tops make great layering items or look great when being worn on their own. There are a few key things you need to keep in mind when picking your essentials in the tank top category. First, you should find a style that fits your body type. For those petite ladies, a ribbed tank will look best as it will accent your slender figure. For fuller bodied ladies, a looser tank that has a longer front and back is going to give you a more elongated and flattering look. Always make sure that you purchase a slew of colors so that you can have many options.

The peasant top is going to be the next one on our list. This shirt is typically three-quarter length or full sleeve with a round neckline and ruffled bottom at the waist as well as at the arms. This is a flattering look for all body types and is especially a winner for those ladies who hold more weight around their mid-section. The ruffled look of the peasant top allows for hiding of that extra weight and is a good choice for that time of the month you’re feeling bloated.

Next up we have the button-up women’s tops. These are a classic that come in so many different styles, materials, and colors, you’ll be in the store for days finding which ones you like. Button-ups are extremely versatile and make great additions to any outfit or are great for a stand-alone look. Classic white is a popular color that every woman should at least have one of. These are perfect for lying under a sweater, tying at the waist, tucking into a skirt, laying over a pair of jeans, or even wearing open over your favorite dress. 

T-shirts are of course on our list. What lady can go without having her favorite tees? We know we can’t. These are a staple for casual dressing and can even be spiced up with a blazer or skirt. The most popular colors that women choose are dark blues, whites, grays, and blacks. These colors tend to flow with many different accessories and other garments. Throwing in a few graphic tees can help to mix up the solid colors in your wardrobe as well. 

Formulating your ideal wardrobe can be an overwhelming task. All that shopping sounds fun, but making a list of what you need is the more difficult part. All of the above tops are some must-haves that you should add to your list of clothes to buy to ensure you always have items to create any look you need.