There are quite a few tens of 5.5 inches (and bigger) available under 234 euros in Italy, but what if you’re looking for something more compact? Here comes Samsung A5 2017. This is a premium mid-range phone that integrates Samsung’s signature features like a good-quality AMOLED panel, Samsung Pay and more than once exclusive for the high-end S series, features – all locked in a pleasantly compact body.

Samsung A5 2017 – Design and Build

As mentioned above, this phone is ultra manageable due to a rather compact and thoughtful design. What you get is the side braided metal frame between 2.5D front glass and rear glass that even bends to the edges, facilitating a good grip. As an added bonus, it is also certified IP68 powder and water resistant.

In addition to the display size, the quality of the AMOLED panel used is as good as it could be on other Samsung A and C-series phones (ie a lot). No compromise was made in this context. It is also screened by Gorilla Glass 4.

Samsung A5 2017 – Display

As always, you can choose from a group of color presentations: Basic, AMOLED Cinema, AMOLED Photo, Basic, and the default Adaptive Display setting. The display becomes bright enough for convenient outdoor use and quite small for night reading. For the next, the blue light filter also helps.

Samsung A5 2017 – Performance and Software

The new Galaxy A5 is powered by the Exynos 7880 chipset based on a 14nm processor with enough 3GB and 32GB of RAM. The dedicated microSD slot ensures that you can add another 256 GB of secondary memory without compromising the dual SIM privilege.

Samsung does not suck on conventional sensors. Navigation and GPS call worked fine. The fingerprint sensor is clubbed with the home button on the front and is the type always up. You do not have to press the Home button to use it, but if you do, unlocking is much faster.

The software is TouchWiz UI. Still based on Android Marshmallow, but we expect Nougat upgrade to be launched sometime later. We like software on the phone. Samsung has slowly and steadily improved its UI and, compared to other Android skins available today, feels very mature, tidy, and stable. Of course, Android has its merit, but if we go with a custom ROM, Samsung’s version is perhaps our favorite.

Samsung A5 2017 – Camera

The Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) comes with a 16MP rear camera with f / 1.9 aperture lens. There are no OIS, which is something we would expect in this price range. And this reflects in low-light performance.

Measurement is also quite accurate. In some shots, we heard that the camera was not doing justice to read tones. While daytime performance is certainly up to the mark, low-light performance is nothing to excite. The camera, however, is even better than what we experienced on the C series phones.

Samsung A5 2017 – Battery life

The 3000mAh battery extends easily for more than one day of use (moderate or heavy use), standby times are excellent and fast charging is supported even if you are using the in-car charger.