For many, WeChat is considered the mobile WhatsApp of China. For any business looking to market internationally, WeChat should be at the very center of its mobile marketing plan.

Despite still being a rather new to the market, WeChat already boasts 600 million users, with more than 500 million in China alone. When it comes to social networking in China, WeChat is the undisputed champ.

WeChat complies many of the features of the world’s largest social media platform in a simple package while incorporating every facet of day-today life within it, such as WeChat Pay QR Code. By tapping into this massive resource, companies can roll out marketing campaigns that utilize numerous facets of the user’s world. Here are some of the top WeChat features that businesses should start embracing immediately.

  1. Comprehensive Structure

While most apps are self-contained, WeChat has the flexibility to connect to more than 85000 other apps. It has been building a business ecosystem, allowing third-party companies to develop functions and services within WeChat to expand its market base even further.

  1. Standby Wallet

The WeChat wallet allows users to link a bank account, credit, debit and prepaid cards to their WeChat accounts to make both online and offline purchases via the WeChat Pay QR Code feature. This also allows users to make purchases quickly and easily right from the app. This helps businesses that advertise through the platform, cutting out the extra steps between viewing an advertisement and landing a sale.

  1. Gigantic Audience Base

With approximately 500 million Chinese users and 100 million others across the world, WeChat continues to expand at an incredible rate. It is already the optimal range for reaching Chinese or Asian customers, and that number will only increase as the platform’s popularity continues to spread.

  1. Spread Past Social

WeChat is not just a social app; it is a lifestyle app. A user can still connect with friends and family (or reach out to potential customers) but can also use WeChat and its WeChat Pay QR Code feature to order a taxi, pay his utility bills, buy a plane ticket, split the dinner bill, and invest in a new stock. There’s almost no limit to what a user can do without ever closing the app.

  1. Brand Promotion

In addition to its robust suite of lifestyle features such as WeChat Pay QR Code, WeChat partners with advertisers and entertainment venues to offer an interactive component to users. To use the popular Shake feature, a user just needs to only shake his phone. This allows users to find someone nearby who is also using Shake, participate in a brand promotion, or interact with a nearby event.

What Happens Next?

If you want your brand to reach a larger audience and develop a bigger customer base, there is no better medium than WeChat. Start utilizing WeChat Pay QR code for your business to benefit from having a faster, more efficient, and user-friendly mobile payment solution. Get in-touch with a trusted WeChat Pay provider today to learn more.