We are wedding! Under this motto, petragems offers wedding rings in white gold in various designs. You have the choice among various models. Gold or white gold in alloys 333, 585 and 750 is the source material for wedding rings as a symbol of everlasting love. The design is completely according to your wishes. You can also have your wedding rings white gold finished with diamonds. To make your wedding a beautiful day, noble wedding rings are indispensable. Masterful goldsmith work guarantees wedding rings white gold, which can be seen in every respect. Find out now what our range offers – high quality, attractive and cheap!


A lifetime of beauty: white gold wedding rings have you found your dream wife or husband for life? Then only the wedding rings white gold are missing, so that the luck is perfect and the wedding becomes an unforgettable experience! Wedding rings stand for connectedness and love. No question that for these rings the material and the processing should correspond to the occasion. White gold and gold in alloys 333, 585 or 750 are ideal for wedding rings. With white gold wedding bands 585 you lay the foundation for a long and happy marriage. When the white gold wedding rings are exchanged at the registry office or in the church, you can proudly display the seal of love! Whether men’s ring or ladies ring, we deliver you wedding rings Loose Diamonds Online in excellent quality. The processing of gold requires a high level of skill, so that the design meets your expectations. Should the wedding rings be white gold or rather elaborate? ¬†Choose a look that suits you as a bride and groom. Because you wear this ring daily, you want to feel comfortable with it, it should complement your style and emphasize your personality. You can choose from a wide range of wedding ring forge, ensuring that the white gold wedding bands are the right choice for you and your future wife or husband. Matt or shiny, with or without stone, the white gold ring offers countless possibilities. High quality rings made of precious metals do not have to be expensive. With us you buy cheap, without the quality suffers. We are experts in wedding rings and also offer attractive deals to couples who have been married for a long time. Maybe the silver wedding is coming up or you have spent 50 years together and can celebrate the gold wedding? For such an occasion, the wedding rings are gladly renewed. At petragems you will find your individual wedding rings white gold or wedding rings made of yellow gold or red gold, which document your relationship as a couple!

White gold wedding rings, stylish and elegant

We guide you step by step through the configuration process when choosing white gold wedding bands. Choose style and design, decide GIA vs AGS whether your wedding rings should be plain or hammered, polished or frosted white gold. In addition, you have various combination options. White gold wedding bands can be made entirely of white gold, but you can also integrate yellow gold or rose gold. With the choice of alloy you control the price. 333 gold is cheap, 585 gold is solid middle class, 785 gold gives your wedding rings high value retention. After you have defined the dimensions and the profile in the TRAURING CONFIGURATOR, you design the surface according to your wishes. Become your own wedding ring designer and give the ring the look you want in matt or glossy, with relief or without, just as you like the white gold wedding bands. The different precious metals can be perfectly combined. For example, you can put together the ring of two or three gold species, each individually selecting the width. In addition, you can enhance the ladies ring with one or more fine diamonds. You keep an eye on the price at all times – so you can easily adjust the white gold wedding rings to your personal budget.

Worth knowing about white gold

The chemical element gold is marked with the element symbol AU (for Latin aurum) and atomic number 79. By white gold is meant gold, which has a silvery color. It is completely dyed through. During production, the actual yellow gold color is removed with chromium, nickel, silver or palladium and the white gold color is produced. At the beginning of the 19th century, white gold was first developed to provide a cheap replacement for the coveted, rare and expensive platinum. The white gold quickly prevailed in jewelry processing. It has a noble and high-quality charisma. The alloy 750 with a high content of the palladium platinum palladium is particularly suitable for wedding rings white gold. Colorless diamonds and brilliants stand out in a white gold ring.