A flower has the perfect blend of beauty and fragrance to attract anyone while making everyone smile. They are widely gifted on birthdays, anniversaries and many more such happy occasions. And when it comes to your better half’s birthday, what else can be better than flowers that will complement her beauty.

Being a loving husband that you are, you would definitely want to make your wife’s birthday special and memorable but selecting just any flower won’t be enough to make her feel extra-special on her birthday, it will require some efforts. With simply following the below-mentioned tips, you can make her special day, perfect and unforgettable.

Know her taste

Before deciding to surprise your wife with just any type of flower, know about her taste! Look for hints if you already don’t know her favorite type of flowers; one of the best way is to ask her best friend, family members or any other people who have insight on her favorite flowers. You can also ask her ex-boyfriend. *wink wink*

Add your personal touch

Instead of just buying a flower bouquet, get innovative! Flowers are the best way to express love and with your personal touch to flowers, you can make her feel loved. You can also select an unusual or customized flower bouquet; flower basket, heart shaped flower bouquet, flowers in vase or designer flower bouquet. There are many online florists that deliver flower bouquet to your doorstep.

You can also add a note to the flower bouquet expressing how much your wife means to you.

Choose the color of flower carefully

Every color of the flower has a different meaning! While red is usually associated with love and romance, at the same time, yellow signifies friendship! In addition, you should also take your wife’s favorite color into account; if she likes red, pink or white.

Add memories to the flower bouquet

Why just flowers in the bouquet?! A flower bouquet with your photos as well, can add that extra touch of love and thoughtfulness while making your better-half go back to the old times! You can add photographs that witness the beautiful time that you have spent together in the ’good ol’ days’.

Plan the right time to give her flower bouquet

Gifting her flower bouquet at the right time is as important as selecting the best bouquet for her! Once you are all set with the flower bouquet, make sure that you gift it to your wife at the most unexpected time, in order to give her surprise and brighten up her day. Here are few suggestions from our side on the best time to gift her bouquet:

  • Make such an arrangement that your flower bouquet is the first thing that she sees when she wakes up in the morning.
  • Have your flower bouquet delivered at her workplace before she reaches there.
  • If you have children, get them to deliver your flower bouquet to your wife.

One of the traditional ways of conveying love is gifting flowers, and considering the afore-mentioned points before buying flowers for your wife’s birthday will definitely make your little surprise flawless and a bigger one.