Although the hair on your scalp, as well as your eyelashes, grow naturally in cycles, we have the best lash growth serum that can enhance your beautiful lashes by growing stronger, richer and longer eyelashes. However, you can damage your eyelashes or even remove them without your knowledge. Note that your makeup and other beauty products, as well as environmental exposure, can also cause damage to your eyelashes.

The good thing is that there are incredible ways that can help you to enhance your lashes by protecting and conditioning your eyelashes to enable them attain their full-length potential and not to lose them. Remember it is difficult to reverse the damages once they occur on your lashes. When you follow the following tips, you will protect your eyelashes from damage.

  1. Remove makeup

Regardless of whether you had a busy day, it is very crucial to get rid of your makeup before you sleep. Staying with your makeup for a longer period of time will make your lashes dry, weak and also can result to breakages. To get rid of your make up, you can use a cotton ball with a mild remover and wipe the makeup since the skin surrounding your eyes is super sensitive.

  1. Minimize mascara use

It is not clearly know why but regular mascara use can be damaging to your eyelashes. In fact experts suggest that you do mascara on few occasions and always try to avoid using it on a daily basis. Although you can wear mascara for twenty four hours, chances are that it can be very harmful to your eyelashes. Consider mascara that is rich in vitamin E and other necessary oils that are good for lash health.

  1. Do away with old mascara

If you must use mascara, then ensure to never let it get older than four to six months. Remember, when mascara gets older than six months, it can cause bacteria which may lead to infection and you may even lose or damage your lashes. Also, If you cannot avoid mascara, it is recommended to use fresh product.

  1. Use eyelash serum

A best lash growth serum enhances healthy follicles as well as softening brittle lashes and improving elasticity. Enhanced flexibility makes your eyelashes more elastic and therefore minimizing chances of breakage. Aldo eyelash serum makes you eyebrows and lashes to grow longer, thicker and darker as well as adding shine for a beautiful look.

  1. Eat a balanced diet

Consuming a balanced diet is not only good for your health but it is also good for your eyelashes as well as your skin. Vitamin B is very helpful in promoting your hair health. Therefore, include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet since they are rich in minerals and nutrients that are necessary for hair growth. In fact it is recommended to eat foods that contain vitamins A, B, C and E since they support longer and healthier eyelashes.

  1. Be patient

Your eyelashes cannot grow with one night. Remember you cannot restore the growth of your eyelashes by preventing breakages of the follicles. However, by practicing good measures on a daily basis, your eyelashes can grow longer, healthier and thicker over time.