Remote control has made life more convenient. It helps to control many appliances around the house. Air condition with remote is a gift in hotter months, which helps to adjust the room temperature with negligible effort. No one desires the remote control to malfunction suddenly. Therefore, it is wise to get familiar in troubleshooting the issue yourself or need an expert. DIY allows saving money or an unnecessary visit to a technician.

How remote control of AC works?

Majority of air conditioners depend on IR technology [Infrared]. Infrared light pulses are emitted from the handheld device, which gets identified by the AC unit. Infrared lights are not visible to naked eyes and the limitations of recognizing the sensor is limited, but in sight of line.

If there is an object in front of the unit and blocking the beam then this remote control does not work. Signal even gets disrupted owing to presence of other kinds of electronics in that room. Basically, remote control can malfunction just like any other electronic devices.

Common issues related to AC remote controls

Battery issues

Usually, remote control batteries go flat at a very inconvenient time when you depend on the Voltas air conditioner most.

  • A non-working display means the batteries are flat.
  • If display appears faded or response of the unit is slow than normal then first replace the batteries.
  • Correct batteries need to be used and even the replacement needs to be right before you replace the cover.
  • Replace all batteries in the remote control, simultaneously.
  • Check user manual, if you are not sure where batteries are located because they are concealed in a compartment on the front or rear of the device.
  • After replacing the batteries, if the air conditioner does not function properly then there is something seriously wrong. Time to call a professional.
  • The remote control may have got damaged because they usually get dropped on the floor often. This affected the infrared signal capabilities.

Error codes displayed

Error codes get displayed in the form of numbers, which can be interpreted reading the user manual’s troubleshooting section. Advanced remote controls of air conditioners are designed for user’s protection.

A small fault detected in the air conditioner unit and remote control ceases to work. The issue can be associated with electrical or mechanical aspect connected with the AC unit. The remote control protects users and the air conditioner unit from potential fire or electrocution risk.


Remote control and water are not friends. Small kids get tempted to drop the remote control in toilet bowls or drink gets split on the table where the remote control is kept are possible ways of remote controls getting exposed to moisture. The moisture needs to be removed quickly.

Remove batteries and liquid from within the remote control. Dry all the moisture signs with hair dryer on just-warm or cool setting. For several days let it dry and then reassemble it. If still this does not work then think about replacing it.

You may even be pushing the wrong buttons on your remote control, which can trigger and issue. Therefore the professionals at Curry PC World make suggestions to their customers to read manuals before they make use of appliances to get the most benefits.